Memories of Marty

There are many kinds of friendships. Not sure how unique my experience is, I see and view old friends or people I grew up with in a totally different light than those I’ve met in adulthood. And while both are cherished, it's ironic that people in the second group understand me a lot better. Maturity offers more wisdom than energy. Using that mindset I will attempt to write about one such friend, but the words are not coming easily...(continued)

Bike of the Month

Dunstall Suzuki GS750

The 80s were more than just bad hair and great music, it was the decade motorcycling became specialized. The industry change resulting from the development of the super high-output engine in the 1970s meant every member in the arms race faced the same challenge: bring the rest of the design up to speed. Before that response, owners wanting the ultimate in performance turned to the aftermarket, which stood ready to fill in the blanks...(read more)


March Poll

What is your biggest vintage bike concern?