Swan Song

By the time you read this rant, I will be rapidly approaching my 60th birthday. It’s hard for me to believe, really, that I have been “In The Wind” for more than forty-eight years! As found here in past editions, lots of time stands between my humble beginnings in New York to where life has led me today. Also well commented on, that span has seen some thirty-three motorcycles come and mostly go, which is also a pretty amazing in and of itself. All that being the case, it now seems a strong possibility that number will grow, and with it, the 'kind' of machine I might someday find myself on ....continue here

Bike of the Month

Egli GS1100

Modern, and not so modern motorcycling owes much to the production special. Engineered to a level beyond the grasp (or need) of the satisfied owner, the special build advanced ideas and ideals to focus on a very specific task. Yet, speed without composure wastes the effort by bringing the machine back within the confines of mass-produced compromise. That's the trick, as they say, and no one pulled it off better than Fritz Egli...read more


August Poll

Who was (or is) motorcycling's greatest kit builder?