The new year always brings new resolutions, and I've made a few of my own. One is to clean and organize certain long ignored areas, and I'm proud to say things are off to a sweeping start. Not comfortable living like a slob I try to keep things tidy. My workshop is (mostly...) and my office...well, not so much. The fact is, if things were as they should be, I wouldn't be resolving to correct them...(continued)

Bike of the Month

Moto Guzzi V1000 G5

Looking back at the decades, the number of twin-cylinder Moto Guzzis running under the 'Tonti' banner is truly amazing. From classic Italian sport bikes to full-fendered, long distance tourers, the design has supported them all. Hard to say if Ing. Lino Tonti could ever envision his V7 Sport frame lasting through nearly forty-years of motorcycle production, no matter how good he thought it was...(read more)


February Poll

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