For Review: Ducati Monster Bible

The latest in a series of similar-themed titles, I approached the opportunity to review Ian Falloon’s The Ducati Monster Bible with anticipation. A fascinating history of a single and extremely popular Ducati model, the Monster was introduced at a time (1993) when Ducati was mired in financial hardship.  

Around 1990 and during the design of the legendary 916, Ducati barely produced 4,000 motorcycles.  By 1992, that number was increased nearly three-times; 12,000 units sold. The Monster was a motorcycle intended to expand Ducati’s worldwide customer base using a compound of parts and platforms engineered for other models. Even with a measure of profitability built in, the Monster remains a huge gamble that paid off.

By 1995, the factory exceeded more than 20,000 motorcycles from their Borgo Panigale production line  In 1996, when Ducati was acquired by the Texas Pacific Group, the Monster continued to sell briskly and sustained the company. In 2000, Ducati produced nearly 40,000 motorcycles and it was the Monster line that contributed greatly to the success of Ducati as we know it today.

The book chronicles the first 900, 750 and 600 Monsters from 1993-1999, then moves into the first styling updates from 2000-2003. One interesting historical note is that a 400  Monster was produced just for the Japanese market; a fact I was not aware of until this reading!  

The story then transitions into the years 2004-2007 when the single-sided swingarm is introduced. It continues with the new generation of 696 and 1100cc types of 2008-2009 and concludes with the continuing evolution of the Monster from 2010 and 2011. Per Falloon's practice, the book is packed with rich, crisp color photos and detailed specifications of all models.  

If you are a Monster owner, you need this book for your library. Even if you don’t own a Monster you've certainly seen them on the streets. After reading The Ducati Monster Bible, you might find the motivation to add one to your motorcycle collection. Such is the draw of Falloon's journalistic enthusiasm. JJ Cerilli


About the author: Ian Falloon is one of the world’s foremost motorcycle historians. He has published more than twenty books on motorcycles, including the following titles: The Ducat 750 Bible, Ducati Story, Moto Guzzi Story, Honda Story, Kawasaki Story, BMW Story, Moto Guzzi Sport Bible, and Laverda Twin and Triple Bible. He has a small collection of classic sporting motorcycles, including a 1975 Ducati 900 Super Sport. He is a freelance contributor of a number of motorcycle magazines around the world in addition to serving as a consultant for

The Ducati Monster Bible

Ian Falloon
Veloce Publishing Limited
Veloce House, Parkway Farm Business Park
Middle Farm Way, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 3AR
Hardcover, 160 pages, 150 color photos,
ISBN 978-1-845843-21-2, UPC: 6-36847-04321-6
$59.95 USA / $65.00 CAN