Appraisal Service






What you should know before you buy, sell or insure a vintage motorcycle.

Using information complied and studied in years of researching the vintage motorcycle market, Vintage Motorcycles Online's expert apprasial service offers tangible benefits to the vintage motorcyclist.

Determining motorcycle value is a challenging game. Taking into account the vast amount of factors that decide a bike's ‘CMV’ (current market value) takes time, experience, and knowledge of the subject. Spotting economic and market trends, model desirability and/or availability are the keys to realizing a fair estimate.

A real, concise appraisal is much more than pursuing online auction results and for many sellers or potential buyers, guess work simply isn't good enough. The staff at VMOL has vast experience and a worldwide network to base its conclusions upon, aiding the seller or buyer in not only market value but also determining important factors like appropriate levels of insurance coverage. For a nominal fee, VMOL will prepare detailed appraisal documents for claims purposes. Use the 'Connect' link above to contact us to obtain pricing and/or review travel schedules.

The path to vintage motorcycle ownership is wider than ever. The internet, as well as the growing popularity of dedicated vintage bike auctions and events means there’s a lot of available options for the would-be or current vintage motorcycle enthusiast. If you need help pricing for a sale, working on a bid or advice on what filts your specific ownership needs, please contact us for appraisal or purchasing advice. For buyers or sellers dealing with a specific, high-end auction item or potential purchase, VMOL can review documents and photos or perform an in-person inspection for a pre-determined fee. We're here to help! And while no one has all the answers, with over 70 years of combined experience you can be assured the experts at VMOL will be close.

Finally, judging the worth of a vintage motorcycle is a skill, not a science. Never trust the person who knows it all. What we don't know we'll do our best to find out. That's an honest promise you can trust. Purchasing your dream motorcycle should be an enjoyable experience; made even better armed with the proper knowledge and insight. Whether buying, selling or browsing, let the enthusiast experts at VMOL help make your experience a positive one!

$24.95 - Basic Package includes an 800 word overview that includes:
- Fundamental history of this model
- Technical specifications
- Test reviews
- Delivered via electronic mail