VMOL Precision Disc Brake Grinding

'Putting a stop to bad brakes...'

Unlike the normal practice of turning worn, warped or damaged rotors, VMOL's disc brake service restores the trueness and finish of your disc brake rotors with the same surfacing process used by the original manufacturer*. Fastened on a magnetized rotating table and acted on by a counter-rotating grinding wheel VMOL's disc regrinding produces a flatter, more accurate disc with a minimum of heat and material removal**. Whether cast iron or stainless, in flat, one-piece dished, two piece or modern full-floating applications, VMOL can resurface your rotors to like new condition.  

*Any rotor, any size up to 320mm: $45.00 each, plus shipping. (International orders extra cost)
**Manufacturers minimum thickness dimensions are strictly observed.
Orders with ten (10) discs or more will qualify for discounted pricing

VMOL Precision Disc Grinding
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